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The website main focus is on the publication of various articles, news, tips, tests and advice on products, news or events. The themes are multiple and relate to technologies, entertainment or lifestyle.





What is Wiamedia.ch?

The Wiamedia platform is a space for sharing information whose communication is based on a positive and authentic approach and philosophy of the owner - Wiam. Since its creation, many brands have trusted it through these values.

The challenge

In 2019, Wiam wanted to redefine the name of its brand (previously Vojood Media) so as not to mix up its activities. This work required a complete rebranding of its identity and web design.

He understood the importance of changing his brand identity and the impact it could have. Pixeleez intervened on the entire web identity and on the development of new features.

The main challenge: to migrate from one domain name to another without losing too much traffic, redesigning the site according to the new identity, and improving the site ranking in SEO results.

The solution

We adopted the brand identity for the new project name and delivered a completely new web design. We migrated the site to a new domain name and redirected all user flows, and finally, we analyzed the SEO issues and improved what was possible.


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