Let’s start by saying that, just like software development, web development is focused on using code and programming languages to create user-facing software, AKA websites or applications. These two (web and mobile development) have a lot of differences, namely in regards to coding languages required.

At Pixeleez, we do our best to offer tailor made solutions to our customers. We take advantage of the available tools, or create our own, to create interactive web pages. In other words, we are experts in choosing the right development technologies to better suit your needs.


Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails fits perfectly with websites, e-commerce projects and custom API. It’s also very powerful to create a MVP of a project that requires custom development. Ruby is considered as the cooler development language for the developer itself.

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Python can be used for several projects, such as websites, API and custom development. However, Python is mainly powerful with projects that require mathematical interaction and calculation (for example: Machine Learning, IA, Deep Learning, etc.).

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React, Vue.js, Angular

React, Angular and Vue.js fit perfectly with projects that require a high-level of interaction and dynamic rendering. They are generally used for web applications, such as CRM, ERP, Business Tools, Accounting, SaaS, etc. But little by little, several websites use it as well, especially to add animations and fluidity to the project.

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Swift is a native language for Apple mobile application. We use it to develop iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch applications, natively.

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Kotlin is a native language for Android mobile applications. We use it to develop smartphones, tablets and other digital hardware with Android OS.

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HTML, CSS, Java Script

HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the base of any web project. It’s almost never possible to work without them. HTML is used to create the semantic of the project, while CSS is used to create the beauty, the style and rendering of the code. Lastly, JavaScript is used to create animation and dynamic interactivity.

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