Quality Assurance

We’ve already mentioned that QA is a pivotal part of the web development process. And, at this stage, do you know exactly why: enhance user experience. Let’s now take a closer look to Quality Assurance benefits:

  1. Ensuring the website meets the client specifications and needs.
  2. Making sure the web application or website runs bugs and glitches free, thus minimizing the loss of users due to frustration.
  3. Up to date, correct and consistent content.
  4. Optimizing for mobile devices and different web browsers.
  5. Boosting ranking and traffic through eliminating broken links, empty webpages and bad or inaccurate content.
  6. Ensuring that every special feature (forms, payment gateways, surveys, subscriptions, pop-up boxes...) works as it should before the site goes live.

What we can do for you? Pixeleez team is experienced in quality assurance, whether manually or through automated testing.

  1. We ensure that every single aspect of your website or web application looks and functions as it was meant to.
  2. We check the compliance of the product with the rules given in Business Requirement Specifications or Software Requirement Specifications.
  3. We specialize in testing for browser compatibility.
  4. We ensure that there are no security loopholes that can make your site vulnerable.
  5. We also keep an eye on the user experience to make sure that the site design is amenable to the intended users.

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quality assurance

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